LED T8 EU Pro - Special Color - 10W/14W/22W/24W


  • Food Display Tube: Enhance the appearance of fresh food and prevent discolouration
  • Yellow Tube: Special lighting for lithographic and printing industry. Protect products from exposure to blue and UV light
  • Agricultural Tube: Emitted optimal light color speeds up the photosynthetic processes and the growth of agricultural products
  • Aquarium Tube: Emitted light in blue and red color spectrum has positive influence on the growth of the corals and marine creatures





Technical Data+
Rated Wattage [W] 10W / 14W / 22W / 24W
Rated Voltage [V/Hz] 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power Factor @230V 0.9
Input Current [mA] @230V 48 / 68 / 106 / 116
LED SMD 2835
LED F10T8/827/G/600/YE 10W, Yellow Enhancement
LED F10T8/836/G/600/RE 10W, Red Enhancement
LED F10T8/880/G/600/WE 10W, White Enhancement
LED F10T8/627/G/600/YL 10W, Yellow
LED F10T8/213/G/600/AG 10W, Agricultural (Purple)
LED F10T8/210/G/600/AQ 10W, Aquarium (Blue + White)
LED F14T8/827/G/900/YE 14W, Yellow Enhancement
LED F14T8/836/G/900/RE 14W, Red Enhancement
LED F14T8/880/G/900/WE 14W, White Enhancement
LED F14T8/627/G/900/YL 14W, Yellow
LED F14T8/213/G/900/AG 14W, Agricultural (Purple)
LED F14T8/210/G/900/AQ 14W, Aquarium (Blue + White)
LED F22T8/827/G/1200/YE 22W, Yellow Enhancement
LED F22T8/836/G/1200/RE 22W, Red Enhancement
LED F22T8/880/G/1200/WE 22W, White Enhancement
LED F22T8/627/G/1200/YL 22W, Yellow
LED F22T8/213/G/1200/AG 22W, Agricultural (Purple)
LED F22T8/210/G/1200/AQ 22W, Aquarium (Blue + White)
LED F24T8/827/G/1500/YE 24W, Yellow Enhancement
LED F24T8/836/G/1500/RE 24W, Red Enhancement
LED F24T8/880/G/1500/WE 24W, White Enhancement
LED F24T8/627/G/1500/YL 24W, Yellow
LED F24T8/213/G/1500/AG 24W, Agricultural (Purple)
LED F24T8/210/G/1500/AQ 24W, Aquarium (Blue + White)
Luminous Flux [lm]
10W, Yellow Enhancement 900lm @2700K, Ra≥80
10W, Red Enhancement 1000lm @3600K, Ra≥80
10W, White Enhancement 1100lm @8000K, Ra≥80
10W, Yellow 1200lm @2740K, Ra≥60
10W, Agricultural (Purple) 300lm @1300K, Ra≥20
10W, Aquarium (Blue + White) 330lm @16000K-20000K, Ra≥20
14W, Yellow Enhancement 1150lm @2700K, Ra≥80
14W, Red Enhancement 1250lm @3600K, Ra≥80
14W, White Enhancement 1350lm @8000K, Ra≥80
14W, Yellow 1600lm @2740K, Ra≥60
14W, Agricultural (Purple) 400lm @1300K, Ra≥20
14W, Aquarium (Blue + White) 470lm @16000K-20000K, Ra≥20
22W, Yellow Enhancement 1850lm @2700K, Ra≥80
22W, Red Enhancement 2050lm @3600K, Ra≥80
22W, White Enhancement 2250lm @8000K, Ra≥80
22W, Yellow 2400lm @2740K, Ra≥60
22W, Agricultural (Purple) 600lm @1300K, Ra≥20
22W, Aquarium (Blue + White) 750lm @16000K-20000K, Ra≥20
24W, Yellow Enhancement 1950lm @2700K, Ra≥80
24W, Red Enhancement 2150lm @3600K, Ra≥80
24W, White Enhancement 2350lm @8000K, Ra≥80
24W, Yellow 2600lm @2740K, Ra≥60
24W, Agricultural (Purple) 650lm @1300K, Ra≥20
24W, Aquarium (Blue + White) 820lm @16000K-20000K, Ra≥20
Beam Angle [°] 280
Rated Life, Ta@25°C [hrs] 40,000
Lamp Survival Factor at 6000hrs >0.9
Lumen Maintenance at 6000hrs >0.8
Number of Switching Cycles Before Failure >15,000
Starting Time [S] <0.5
Warm Up Time [S] <2
Premature Failure At 1000hrs <5%
Diameter D [mm] Φ29.5
Length L [mm] 600 / 900 / 1200 / 1500
Base G13
Material Glass
Standard Compliance
CE-LVD EN62776
CE-EMC EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
CE-EMF EN62493
Environment RoHS
Mercury Content [mg] 0.0
Dimmable [Y/N] N
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -10°C ~ 30°C

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