LED Striplight 3528 & 5050 North America - 4.3W/m, 8.6W/m, 13W/m, 17.3W/m, 19W/m


  • Extremely energy saving with low power consumption
  • High brightness, multi-functional for linear decoration
  • Long average life 30000 hours
  • Good color rendition
  • Low thermal output with no IR and harmful UV
  • No mercury and hazardous substances
  • For all strips with wattage over 14.4W, an aluminium profile must be used
  • Dimmable as option
  • Color Rendering Index: ≥80
  • LED Driver Controllers: 12V/24V LED Driver, LED Dimmer (With Remote Control Device), LED Manual Controller, LED Remote Controller
  • Connectors: Bridge Bracket, Channel Bracket, End-Cap
  • Profiles: Surface mounted, Recessed
  • Extra profiles and accessories need to order separately





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Technical Data+
Rated Wattage [W] 4.3W/m, 8.6W/m, 13W/m, 17.3W/m, 19W/m
Rated Voltage [V/Hz] 100-277V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor @120V 0.95
Input Current (mA) @120V 38 / 75 / 114 / 152 / 167
LED SMD 3528 (4.3W/m, 8.6W/m, 17.3W/m)
SMD 5050 (13W/m, 19W/m)
LED 3528 4.3W 10-60 8XX 4.3W/m, 12V/24VDC
LED 3528 8.6W 10-120 8XX 8.6W/m, 12V/24VDC
LED 3528 17.3W 10-240 8XX 17.3W/m, 12V/24VDC
LED 5050 13W 10-60 8XX 13W/m, 12V/24VDC
LED 5050 19W 10-120 8XX 19W/m, 24VDC
Luminous Flux [lm]
4.3W/m 300lm/m @3000K
310lm/m @4000K
320lm/m @6500K
8.6W/m 600lm/m @3000K
615lm/m @4000K
630lm/m @6500K
17.3W/m 1250lm/m @3000K
1275lm/m @4000K
1300lm/m @6500K
13W/m 950lm/m @3000K
975lm/m @4000K
1000lm/m @6500K
19W/m 1650lm/m @3000K
1700lm/m @4000K
1750lm/m @6500K
Cutting Unit [mm]
4.3W/m 50mm/3LEDs (12V), 100mm/6LEDs (24V)
8.6W/m 25mm/3LEDs (12V), 50mm/6LEDs (24V)
17.3W/m 12.5mm/3LEDs (12V), 25mm/6LEDs (24V)
13W/m 50mm/3LEDs (12V), 100mm/6LEDs (24V)
19W/m 100mm/6LEDs (24V)
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost [$USD] 0.52/m / 1.04/m / 1.57/m / 2.08/m / 2.29/m
Luminous Efficacy [lm/W] 70-92
Color Rendering Index [Ra] ≥80
Color Maintenance [hr] >6000
Luminous Intensity Distribution [°] 120
Life [Yrs] (based on 3hrs/day) 27
Lumen Maintenance at 6000hrs >0.8
Rapid Cycle Stress >15,000 cycles
Start Time [sec] <0.5
LED Failure <5%
Length L [mm] 5000 per reel
Width W [mm] x Height H [mm] IP20 : 8 x 1.2
IP54-S : 8 x 2.3
IP67-RW : 10 x 4.8
IP68 : 10 x 4
Once the strip light is cut, IP68 is no longer guaranteed
Surface mounted profile : 17 x 8
Recessed profile : 17 x 8
Number of LEDs 60 pcs/m (4.3W/m, 13W/m, 19W/m)
120 pcs/m (8.6W/m)
240 pcs/m (17.3W/m)
Material Chips: Epistar
Standard Compliance
ANSI UL8750, UL1993, UL1598, C82.77-2002, C78.377-2008
Mercury Content [mg] 0.0
Dimmable [Y/N] Optional
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C

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